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You are what you click

We all love our devices — a properly configured laptop, a familiar game controller, or a mouse that fits just so, are extensions of ourselves.

As it turns out, that may be more than mere metaphor.

A recent piece in Wired studied the way our brains work with computer mice–and what happens when those mice don’t work properly. When the mouse was responsive, our brains treated it as an extension of ourselves; when it malfunctioned, we became consciously aware of it and treated as an external “thing.”


One of the problems with virtual reality is navigating it: How do you make it feel like you’re walking around? Short of jacking into the spinal cord, Matrix-style, this has always stymied interface designers.

Popsci is reporting that a hotel in Vegas will soon offer immersive VR built on the Virtusphere, a human-sized hamster ball that calculates position from sphere rotation–like being inside a giant trackball. 360 Virtual Ventures is commercializing the technology for installations like the one at the Excalibur.

Here’s a video showing the device in action:

Dim lights

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Videos of Microsoft Surface, a touchscreen tabletop computer have shown off its capabilities for sharing photos and recognizing and interacting with mobile devices, but there have been few compelling real world applications offered. This video shows how the interface can be used in the classroom as a digital storytelling tool. Students create animated movies combining drawings and real world elements with ease. You can read more about the TellTable here.

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