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One of the problems with virtual reality is navigating it: How do you make it feel like you’re walking around? Short of jacking into the spinal cord, Matrix-style, this has always stymied interface designers.

Popsci is reporting that a hotel in Vegas will soon offer immersive VR built on the Virtusphere, a human-sized hamster ball that calculates position from sphere rotation–like being inside a giant trackball. 360 Virtual Ventures is commercializing the technology for installations like the one at the Excalibur.

Here’s a video showing the device in action:

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Human 2.0 is the Next Big Thing

We’re about to upgrade the human race. It’s more than a technology shift, it’s a cultural one. And it’s perhaps the first step on the singularity. This is most of what I’ve been thinking about lately. We’re sliding into it day by day, without noticing. I firmly believe it is the most significant change the human race faces, and it’s going to drive a tremendous amount of business and fuel wide-ranging ethical discussions. Most of the other technologies we cover here and elsewhere are simply building blocks for Human 2.0.

This is the first of many posts on the subject, and it sounds a bit muddy. Hopefully we can clarify that in the coming months. But if you’re willing to wade through some still-addled thinking, read on.

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